Jess and Pearl Rankin opened Rankin’s Café at this location in 1924. After the original building burned a few years later, the café was rebuilt in 1930 with booths on one side and a long counter on the other. The family lived in the back of the building. There was a jukebox, pinball machine, “shoot the bear” game and an old-time icebox with six-ounce glass bottles of Grapette, Orange Crush, Coca-Cola and RC Cola. Hamburgers, roast beef sandwiches, plate lunches and hand-dipped ice cream were favorites.

Bill and Dimple Taylor briefly operated the restaurant in 1943. They served breakfast and “short orders.” They also lived in the building. During the '40s, the café was operated by Emmitt and Marie Webber, Percy and Edna Rison and later by Bussie and Charlotta (Quinn) Tubbs. Norma Kimbrough worked there as a high school student and recalls it as a popular gathering place. 

Jess and Pearl Rankin’s son Cleburne and his wife Ruth began operating the establishment in the '50s, and it became known as “Cleburne’s.” He closed the restaurant in the '60s, and the building was used as a residence for the Rankins. Cleburne and his daughter Linda later ran a flea market in the building until the '80s.

After years of little use, the building was bought by Calfneck Capital Corp. as part of the revitalization of historic downtown Perryville. Mustang Sally’s opened in 2012 and brought back great hamburgers, sandwiches, plate lunches and more to 303 West Main Street.